The Cranky Crab

The Cranky Crab
6307 Main St.
Queenstown, MD 21658
(410) 304-2210
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Mention Queenstown and some people will say, “Oh, that’s where the outlets are.” Or “Yeah, I pass
through there headed to the beach.” But what they might not know is that it’s a decent place to get steamed crabs – once you get off U.S 50 and on to Main Street.

Before heading home from Ocean City, we started looking up places to get crabs along the way. We wanted to try something different. A quick call to Cranky Crab and they have to call us back on whether they will a half bushel that Sunday afternoon. Half an hour later, a return call and we place an order for a half-bushel of larges.

That half-bushel turned out to be some of the best crabs of the year. Freshly caught, decently heavy, perfectly seasoned and sweet as can be. For $120, the two of us spent two nights cracking and two nights feasting on homemade crab soup. We certainly were not cranky after that. Great crabs. Great company. What more can you ask for during a pandemic?

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