Beachy’s Seafood


142nd St. & Coastal Hwy.

14107 Coastal Hwy.

Ocean City, Maryland 21842




Nestled between a dry cleaner and a convenience store, you might miss Beachy’s Seafood in Ocean City. For the last couple of years, the joint has been shut up tight. But no longer.


This little red gem on Coastal Highway at 142nd Street behind the Exxon is under new management and it clearly shows.


Beth Pruitt and Shawn Parks spent several weeks scrubbing down the carry-out and sprucing it up before opening the doors.


Clean and bright, the inside of the shop is decorated with an authentic waterman’s theme – oyster tongs, crab netting, crab traps and other boating paraphernalia.


Parks is a waterman, originally from Tangier Island, Va., a community known for its ties to the crabbing industry. He and Pruitt are very friendly. They don’t hesitate to talk with customers, and they answer questions without hesitation. They seem to love what they’re doing.


The crabs, fish and oysters are all local. Everything is fresh and cooked to order.


Unlike other Ocean City crab joints, the crabs are not pre-steamed. Parks says he won’t do it. You’ll have to wait the half-hour it takes to steam them.


On Memorial Day, the half hour was worth the wait for the Maryland crabs. A dozen mediums cost $30. They ranged in size from plump, 5-inchers to lighter, 6-inchers and came in a baker’s dozen.


Seasoned heavily with J.O. #2, these tasty crabs made for a great end to a long holiday weekend.


Next time, the game plan will be to try the flounder or maybe go for what Beachy’s bills as “Homemade Tangier Island Crabcakes.”


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