Steamers Crab & Seafood Co.

Steamers Crab & Seafood Co.

Route 26

Millville, Delaware





August 28, 2012


The big red building reminds you of a barn, and the crabs inside are definitely farmed fresh out of the Chesapeake and its tributaries. Steamers, located just outside of Bethany Beach in Millville, is hustling and bustling carryout, even on a weekday.


The crabs, delivered daily, are sorted by size. At Steamers’ seafood counter, a pleasant young woman tips us off that the medium/large are heavy, so we opt for a dozen of the 5 ½-inch to 6-inch crabs and wait patiently on the parking lot since each order is cooked to order.


About 20 to 25 minutes later, the counter woman yells out our name. The bag’s weight tells me the tip and our $37 pay off.


Back in Ocean City, we pop a couple of adult beverages and start cracking. The crabs are very full and well seasoned. Many of these 6-inch crabs clocked in closer to 6 ½. The count is a baker’s dozen.  (Don’t you love crab shacks that do that? I do.)


While Steamers is only a carryout, it scores well for efficiency and friendliness. Offering a variety of seafood, including oysters, scallops and homemade Maryland crab soup, it definitely made the list of beach crab joints to try again.

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