The Masthead at Pier Street Marina

The Masthead at Pier Street Marina

104 West Pier Street
Oxford, MD 21654


August 13, 2011


For a nice afternoon, try the crabs at The Masthead at Pier Street Marina in Oxford, Md. There’s no question you’ll love the outdoor deck where the water at high tide might lap up and gently wet your feet.


The crabs are without question from Chesapeake Bay. On an August Saturday afternoon, we had the option of all-you-can-eat for $25 or the same crabs for $30 a dozen. This decision was an easy one since we were part of a large group getting together for an annual reunion – all-you-can-eat.


The crabs were mediums but decently full and well-seasoned, scoring a 3 on a scale of 5 for taste and a 4 for size. On a cloudy day, as we chatted with old friends and watched the 80th annual Oxford Regatta in the Tred Avon River, the atmosphere couldn’t have been better, a 5.


But, and there’s always a but, the one thing that always (and we go every year and it happens every time we’re there) that brings The Masthead down is its lousy service. How lousy, you ask? If you don’t get your drink order and crab order in right away, you never see your waitress again. One guy in our group never got his crabs, and when he asked about it, he was told to have some crabs off everybody else’s platters. When he sought out the waitress, we were able to get more crabs, but really, should you have to ask for more crabs when it’s all-you-can-eat? I could be more forgiving, but place wasn’t busy when we were there, and it definitely wasn’t understaffed.


If you go, don’t expect good service but do expect to have a good time with old friends at a lovely location. Because of the substandard service, The Masthead only gets a 3 for its overall rating.


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