Crab Galley of Bowie

Crab Galley of Bowie
7410 Laurel Bowie Road
Bowie, Md. 20715

June 18, 2010

When the text came in that said, “Bringing home dinner,” I had a good idea dinner would be crabs. I knew that they’d be bought somewhere between Beltsville and Alexandria, but beyond that I really had no expectations.

The crabs that came home from the Crab Galley of Bowie turned out to be winners. Ed “found” the place on his way home from work. Of course, others already knew it was there, wedged between a dry cleaner and nail salon in a strip center on Laurel Bowie Road/Md. 197. The place is popular enough to have people sitting outside waiting for their crabs.

I had to laugh when Ed recounted the story of asking for a dozen and a half of the $45/dozen large crabs. The guy behind the counter then realized the prices for the crabs hadn’t been changed for the day. It was Friday, of course, and that typically means higher crab prices. To a certain extent, the Louisiana oil spill has contributed to higher prices. Very simply, it’s a matter of supply and demand.

Graciously and as a matter of good customer service, Crab Galley gave Ed the $45 price. The downside: We only ended up with a dozen crabs. That was a bummer, but I’ll chalk it up to Ed being soft-spoken, since I wasn’t there. Crab Galley then quickly changed the price to $55/dozen. If I’d worked there, I might have wiped off the $45 price and waited until no customers were around to change the price.

Overall, I’d give the crabs – definitely locals – a 4 on a scale of 5. Each turned out to be meaty and well-seasoned – not a loser in the dozen. And, while I probably could have eaten more, I would have been complaining about being too full if I had. For taste and size, Crab Galley gets a 4. The same goes for value.

This quaint seafood shop is definitely on our list of ‘Let’s go back there” places.

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