The Best Crabs Seafood Co.

The Best Crabs Seafood Co.
143rd Street and Coastal Highway — Bayside

Actual Address:

14203 Coastal Highway

Ocean City, Md. 21842



August 27, 2009


Rarely do I pop for a dozen jumbos, and I mean rarely. But there was something in the waterman’s voice that just said “just do it.” I was going to opt for a dozen and a half large at The Best Crabs. I’ve been going there for years and have never been disappointed.


The guy steaming the crabs said he had caught 3 to 4 bushels of jumbos in the Chester River and that they were “big and full.” Knowing my brother has just done the same thing recently in the Chester River – caught a couple of bushels of really big crabs – I knew the waterman wasn’t pulling one over on me.


What I wasn’t expecting was for the crabs to be so large and so full. Some of them measured in at 9+ inches. For size, these crabs easily ranked a 5. Seasoned with J.O. #2, each was as sweet as can be. Cooked to perfection and seasoned well, there is no question, these crabs rated as 5s. It was the first time this season that I truly said, “Hmm and awww” after the first crab.


Best Crabs is a carry-out, tucked away in Misty Cove Shopping Center, a strip of four stores. It does have two colorful outdoor tables, but be aware there is a 15 percent gratuity tacked on if you eat there. As a carry-out, its staff is always friendly and efficient. My preference is to go in rather than to call, only because you might get a better recommendation doing so. I certainly did. On value well, these jumbos did cost $95 for the baker’s dozen, but it was a baker’s dozen. Honestly, they were so big that a couple will end up being breakfast.


As for atmosphere, mine rated a 5. I sat on an oceanfront deck watching the waves, drinking a Sam Adams and cracking crabs. I can’t think of anything anymore wonderful, can you?

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