Greg’s Bayside



Greg’s Bayside

Route 54/Fenwick


Actual Address:

37314 Lighthouse Road

Selbyville, Del. 19975




Reviewed: May 8, 2009


Situated on the bay right on Route 54 just outside Fenwick Island, this quaint restaurant/bar attracts a good number of friendly locals. You’ll love the view, especially if you sit on the deck like we did.


The Louisiana crabs – larges – were well seasoned with a blend that Roscoe, our server, said was Bayside’s own. Large lumps of crab came out of these babies. They definitely were bottom-dwellers based on their blackened shells. There wasn’t a light one in the bunch. Of course, you would have hoped that for $65 a dozen they might have made it a baker’s dozen.


On a scale of 5, Bayside gets a 5 for the friendly factor – from both the server and the number of bargoers who came out on the deck for a smoke and to find out how the crabs were.


I’d give the service a 4 and the actual crabs a 4. Of course, it was early in the season – May 8 – when we checked them out.

2 thoughts on “Greg’s Bayside”

  1. If you are looking for the best crabs you have ever had, coupled with a superb environment with a great staff, be sure to visit Greg’s….it’s the best by far!!!!

  2. Was born in Maryland and never left. I’ve had the best of best crabs. Gregs is one of the best crab decks ever. Huge perfectly steamed crabs, friendly staff, and beautiful bay view. Worth the drive from OC

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