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Grinder’s Seafood

Grinder’s Seafood
4665 Indian Head Hwy.
Indian Head, MD 20640

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July 30, 2016
After a nearly 16-mile bike ride in Southern Maryland, the four of opted to venture into Grinder’s Seafood, not knowing what to expect.
From the outside, it looks like a dive bar, just a red brick building across the highway from a Dollar Tree and a Super 8 motel.
Inside, it’s a small, bright, clean place decorated with a crab theme. Clearly, this is a locals joint. Small booths and tables are lined with brown paper awaiting hungry crab eaters. Crab eaters are given buckets for their shells and provided two types of vinegar. Off to one side of the restaurant is a party room that was set up for a birthday.
The afternoon we were there, Grinder’s had mediums for $40/dozen and larges for $60/dozen and deals on females. And, the restaurant was advertising snakehead bites as a local delicacy.
We opted for a dozen mediums. You order at the counter and the crabs are brought to your table. The odd thing the person taking the order didn’t do was to give us our drinks right away. They came with the meal, something I can’t say I’ve ever encountered before.
The crabs, caught in the nearby Potomac River, varied in weight. I’d love to tell you with what they were season, but our friendly, young server didn’t know and didn’t ask anyone. She thought Old Bay, but it tasted more like J.O. seasoning and had rock salt in it.
As we waited for our crabs to be cooked, our friend’s alligator sandwich, snakehead bites and fries came out, and so did our corn fritters. The gator sandwich wasn’t anything my friend would rave about, but of course, her brother catches alligators for fun. The snakehead bites were interesting, and the fries came with crab seasoning on them, catching the woman who ordered them off-guard.
Now, the corn fritters (and, I’m not a fritter fan) were excellent. I’m sorry we didn’t order more.
I found the crabs tasty and overall quite good. One of my companions, who may be more particular about his crabs than I am, thought they were overcooked. I saw no signs of the crabs being steamed for too long. Not a one was mushy. As for the price, it seemed about right for the time of the year.
Grinder’s gets high marks as a casual place to crack a few crabs with friends and for its clean bathroom, something that can never be under-rated.

Captain John’s Crab House & Marina

Captain John’s Crab House & Marina
16215 Cobb Island Road  
Cobb Island,  MD  20625  

July 5, 2010 

For a relaxing, pleasant crab house experience, hop in the car or boat and head to Captain John’s Crab House & Marina on Cobb Island, Md. Continue reading Captain John’s Crab House & Marina

Captain Billy’s Crabhouse

Captain Billy’s Crabhouse

 11495 Popes Creek Rd
Newburg, MD 20664-2125
(301) 932-4323


Reviewed: July 26, 2009


There are crab joints you go to savor the crabs, and there are crab joints you go to enjoy who’s with you and the view. Captain Billy’s ranks as the latter.


Situated on the picturesque Potomac River with a view of the Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge, this restaurant literally sits over the water. The view of the sailboats and ski jets is worth the drive past the cornfields to the waterfront.


The large crabs at $50 a dozen did even out to be large, once we factored in that a couple would have been jumbos elsewhere and a couple definitely qualified as mediums or extremely light larges. 


With large booths inside and tables on the riverfront deck, Captain Billy’s is clearly set up to handle volume and to handle the crab-leg and fried food crowd. And they were coming in six and eight to a table. We were there for a Southern Maryland delicacy  — steamed crabs.


The restaurant’s service wasn’t immediate once we sat down, but once the waitress figured out we were there, it was reliable.


On a scale of 5, Captain Billy’s delivers a 3. The Maryland blues lacked flavor. Clearly, they had seasoning, but they just didn’t leave you with any reason to order a second dozen. OK, Captain Billy’s gets credit for fast service. The crabs came to the table less than 5 minutes after ordering them. Unfortunately, they were cold before I finished the first one. Hey, they’re crabs. I’ll eat them hot or cold. The hush puppies were generic (don’t waste the $4). And, after driving past all that tall corn, we could have gone for an ear or two, but corn didn’t make it to the menu or the vegetable of the day list.


The table next to us ordered a second dozen. The $50/dozen crabs (an upgrade from their first dozen of $40 mediums) came to the table piping hot with a promise to deliver the four that were missing. They ended up getting a fifth for their wait, and they seemed to be really pleased with their second dozen.


Aside from the fact our dozen was lukewarm-to-cold, I might have ordered a second, except that Captain Billy’s ran out of larges. It was a bit of a bummer since it was mid-afternoon on a Saturday, not even prime-dining time.


Overall, Captain Billy’s delivers – if you’re looking for a gathering spot with a great view.