When people hear the word, crabby, some immediately think of a mood. Say the word “crabby” to me and I think blue crabs seasoned and steamed up to perfection.


Quite frankly, I’m one of those people who gets crabby when she doesn’t get enough steamed crabs.  


So, my better half Ed and I have created crabby.com, a review site dedicated to searching out great spots for steamed crabs.


I’m no culinary expert, and I’m not paid by restaurants and carry-outs. What I am is a person who loves to eat steamed crabs. I grew up in Maryland and have lived in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia, as well as North Carolina and New York.


I have a deep affection and appreciation for both the watermen and the scientists of Chesapeake Bay.


What you’ll find on this site will be my personal opinions and experiences as I sample crab shacks across the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


Of course, I welcome your opinions and thoughts on where to find the best crabs.


Feel free to post a comment on the site or to contact me at col.kelleher@gmail.com.


Colleen Kelleher

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